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  • The health of all animals on the premises are of the utmost importance.

    • Our herd is tested annually for CAE, CL, and Johne's Disease and has always tested NEGATIVE.

    • All kids will receive Coccidiosis preventative prior to leaving for their new homes.

    • All kids sold from our farm will be disbudded if they are not polled.

    • While the health of our animals is taken very seriously we can not be held responsible for the health and well-being of the animal after it leaves off of our farm, as the circumstances the goat is subjected to after leaving our farm are beyond our control. The stress related to weaning and being moved can sometimes present health issues, if your goat becomes ill after the purchase please notify us as soon as any problem arises and contact your veterinarian.

  • Deposits are required to hold any goat until pick up, deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless something happens to the goat while in our care. Deposit pricing varies:

    • Deposits on Doelings and Bucklings are 50% of total

    • Deposits on Adults and Wethers are also 50% of the total purchase price.

    • All deposits can be paid via Cash App ($kalebhillphotography), Check (make payable to Kaleb Hill and send to 49 Fuson Rd. Petal, MS 39465), or Cash; the remaining balance must be paid in at or prior to pickup.

  • Pricing

    • ​Prices listed below are minimum prices that are subject to increase with the quality of kid/potential of the animal, production, breeding history, and lineage.

      • Doeling prices: $300+++ with registration paperwork. A deposit will reserve your already-born doeling until weaning time when kids are 8 weeks of age. We require a 50% deposit from the total, deposits are non-refundable. An additional $20/week per goat will be charged for each week after weaning that the goat isn't picked up & brought to its new home, unless prior arrangements are made.

      • In-tact Buckling prices: Price determined after freshening, with registration paperwork. Buck kids born that are to our standards of breeding quality will be available as in-tact bucks until approximately 6-7 weeks of age, if no reservations are pending by that time, they may then be offered as wethers (castrated bucks) for pets/companion animals. A deposit will reserve your already-born buckling until weaning at 8 weeks of age. We require $100 as a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. An additional $20/week per goat will be charged for each week after weaning that the goat isn't picked up & brought to its new home, unless prior arrangements are made.

      • Wether (castrated bucks) prices: $75-$125 each (Discounts on multiple wether purchases.)


    • Once you choose a kid and send your deposit that kid is reserved for you until pickup! 
      - We will message you when it gets close to time to pick up to schedule a pickup day that works for both of us. If you come on that 1st scheduled pickup day, YOU'RE THE BOMB!!! 
      - If you back out of that first pickup date you will be charged boarding ($5 a day per goat).
      - After you miss that first pickup day we must agree on a second date (this new date must be decided on by 48 hours after the first date), as soon as we decide on the second pick-up date you must send boarding payment within 24 hours of us picking the date, this payment must be full boarding payment. 
      - If you do not send boarding payment within the allotted 24 hours or if you do not show up for the second pickup date you forfeit the deposit and boarding cost and the animal will be offered back up for sale to the public & any further sales to you must be paid in full at the time you speak for the animal! 


    • We understand things happen and sometimes that there are extenuating circumstances that jumble our plans but please be mindful of our time and understand that we are just as busy as the next person. 

    • We are very easy to work with and are understanding but please do not take advantage of our kindness.

    We frequently get multiple inquiries about the same goat. If you inquire about a goat for sale by asking for more pictures or information than what is already provided, this does not constitute a binding commitment on our part to hold that goat for you. If someone else inquires and decides on the spot to send us a deposit based on the information available, they will be the one that buys the goat. If you want to buy the goat, please say to me "I want to buy that goat!" and we will set up sending a deposit. Until we reach that point, any goat for sale is still for sale.​

    • *RETAINED* means that the kid is staying in our herd for future breeding.

    • *SOLD* means the kid is sold and GONE. No longer in our possession.

    • *DEPOSIT RECEIVED* means the deposit has been paid but the buyer has not picked up the goat yet. It is RARE but a deposit received kid may come available again if the buyer does not pick up the goat.

    • *PENDING DEPOSIT* means a sales agreement has been made and money is on the way. Sale pending goats MAY come available again if the deposit is not received.

We do ask for first right of refusal on intact Registered Bucklings and Registered Doelings, this means if you decide to get rid of the goat we ask that you offer them back to us first.



  • Below we will list planned breeding with estimated due date.

  • The underlined goat names can be clicked on & will direct you to the page where that goat and its lineage can be found.

  • Deposits are not taken on unborn kids, all kids available for purchase will be posted on the 'Goats For Sale' page and on our Facebook page.

    • By agreeing to purchase a kid or any goat by sending a deposit you are agreeing to the 'Terms and Conditions of Sales' so BE SURE to read it in its entirety. 

  • Grown does that may be available after kidding will be indicated in the description of the planned breeding and highlighted in red.

    • If you interested in any that are highlighted in red please contact me for more information.​​

  • Reservation List:

    • ​NO COST to get on a list.
      To get on a list Contact Us:

      • ​MUST specify which pairing you are wanting a kid from

      • ​Specify whether you want a Buck, Doe, or wether

      • When sending in your request to be on the list you will need to send 2 means of contact (the easiest way for us to contact you), whether it be Cell Number (if you prefer call vs. text please specify if not specified we will more than likely text you), Facebook messenger, email, etc...

        • ​Once we initiate contact with you (after the kids are born and we evaluate them) we will wait 24 hours for a response, if we do not receive a response within the allotted 24 hrs then the next person in line is contacted. Once you agree to purchase, the deposit should be sent via Paypal or Venmo within 24 hrs. (for deposit info please read 'Terms and Conditions of Sales' above)

      • When kids are born we will go in the order that we receive requests off of, if interested parties pass on the purchase once kids are born then they will be posted to the public. 

    • Breedings are tentative and could change between now and breeding time, if they change we will contact those interested to let them know. 

    • Also we reserve the right to retain any kid born regardless of the list.

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